"talking helps & actions speak louder than words"

inspirational mentoring, coaching, creative consulting

Janek performing at The Union Chapel, London, 2019

Having gained a 1st Class architecture degree and an MA from the Royal College of Art [RCA portfolio prize], I draw on my 30+ years experience as an international award winning artist [Paul Hamlyn Award], inventor [Guinness Book of Records], musician [British Composer of the Year in Sonic Art, with over 30 albums], visiting professor, and popular entertainer [UK Best Mobile DJ Award], to assist individuals and businesses in seeking creative solutions and working around problems moving forwards. My diverse background and life experience provides me with a very unique range of skills.

Talking helps, and actions speak louder than words. I know from my own experience through challenging conventions and being self employed my entire life, that limitation breeds creativity, and deadlines rule. I encourage NVC compassionate communication to be kind to others, while offering WhatsApp support to drive your own growth, development, and ambition to progress. I am not a therapist or counsellor. I do offer opinions and suggestions and strategy, but not advice.

Along with active listening, I use a variety of imaginative techniques, and draw upon universal wisdoms, combined with my own experiences, learning and knowledge. If your life, or project, or workflow could do with moving forwards, by thinking creatively, then I can help. My ambition is to help you progress.

I have been fortunate to have lectured, exhibited, and performed at venues in 30 countries [including Tate Modern, Sydney Opera House, Princeton Uni, Pompidou Centre, Whitney Museum NYC etc], and set up successful local businesses that help, educate, and entertain people. Both my parents persued a portfolio of careers; My father was a Theoretical Physicist, Professor of Ecological Physics [which he pioneered in the 70's], and adventurer; my mother is a barrister and mediator, a former high fashion model & contemporary dancer, with her PhD in the psychology of learning. They are an inspiration to my own life choices, and ambitions to help others.

Having represented myself as a Litigant in Person through the emotional rollercoaster of divorce, i understand the process, the experience, and in so doing came to NVC and also learned the benefit of direct dialogue in preference to solicitor letter writing and invoicing. One of the lessons i learned was the benefit of continual support, which i found invaluauble. I view helping as a continual process and tailor how to do that best to suit your situation whatever the type of creative or personal support you may be considering.

My work draws on this unique skillset, in order to focus on your personal potential or project aspirations, for a brighter future. . . an evolving process, with a guiding light...


"sound advice"

"Whatever you want to call me.. just call me" [Victor Screbneski 1929-2020]

text/call for a confidential initial discussion

07940 570 548


'if you work around the problem' then your future will be brighter and the light will emerge
Janek Schaefer [mixed media 2018]

" You're a natural at this Janek!!! Well done you, and thank you!! "


"I just can't thank you enough Janek, you are so kind and helpful and truly there aren't many people like you in this world! Having come from London and experienced loads of bad things, you are like an angel from the sky sent to me as my guardian angel.. I mean, I am speechless!"


"Where you'd thought that Fluxus and everything that came after it had turned almost every stone, Janek keeps coming up with concepts that are so simple they enthral you."
[Uzine, Belgium]


"Thank you so much. You have no idea how much you helped me today.
I'm really grateful x "



"For the inaugural edition of the festival, I do not think we could have chosen
to work with a better artist-in-residence, as with Janek Schaefer."

[Bill Gee - Creative Producer, Milton Keynes International Festival]




"Thank you to Janek for being all round amazing, and the best mediator during these
incredibly difficult times, and providing sound advice."



"Janek Schaefer has a unique gift for seeing process in spatial terms."
[The Wire Magazine]


"Janek's art can challenge our perception of the world, and uses all our senses in doing so."
[Asleep at the wheel, T.Conlan]


"Brilliant" [Lucky Dip Disco, The Guardian]
[The Changing Room,The Guardian]


"Janek’s first sound-work, 'Recorded Delivery', remains one of the wittiest and most interesting in the field of Sound Art. It is elegant, economical and clever,
and makes me wish I'd thought of it first."

[Brian Eno]



my spontaneous early monrning artwork to welcome those arriving at the beach
Janek Schaefer 2017

"The most important words in the world are the ones you say to yourself.
Be very careful what you think, as your thoughts run your life!"

Old Esher Road, Hersham Village, Walton-on-Thames

[c] Janek Schaefer MA RCA

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